Weber Sports Gives Nissan 2011 New Cool Look

Weber Sports started focusing in manufacturing high-tech components for a number of formula 1 cars in 1990 and followed by modification works on German Touring Car Championship Teams, Weber became a household name for car tuning and modification process. The Swiss tuning and modification Company is headed by Roman Weber, a mechanical engineer with great jobs are wire erosions and high-tech materials like Titanium. Since then, the company continues to grow with its newly acquired facilities in Tobel, Switzerland. Weber Sports is now a full time manufacturing company with strong product line ups for the automobile industry. Weber’s high quality stamping tools is the company’s flagship.
Ever since Weber’s undying passion for fast cars is seen with its commitments in pursuing developments for the world’s fastest street-legal cars. With its highly technical knowledge in manufacturing racing components like the CAD and FEM for great strides obtains a secured place for the company in the auto racing industry.
2011 Nissan 350Z is another addition to the many great modification jobs of Weber Sports and with that another feather in Weber’s know-how cap. After all A Weber sport is not only aimed at those car enthusiasts dreaming the world’s fastest street-legal car for their own but also for the underrated car to give its boosts and fast car impression and look.