Jeep Wrangler of 2016 Will Kick off Solid Axels

All Jeep lovers, here is the good news for you all, the new Jeep Wrangler is back in action with more advanced features and great use of components and technologies for efficient driving. This new series has been proved out to be the best in demand with much better styling and all new designs and weight reduction facility. However, to reduce its weight, the company took the decision to not to go for the solid axle.
About the Jeep wrangler
It is one of the popular models which has been designed with more additional features and is re-launched every time. So far, the car could manage to offer the best of its services and is considered as the third generation of its kind. The car was launched in the World War II Willys MB and managed to keep up the reputation till now
Popular Jeep Wrangler Models
YJ (1986–1995)
LJ’s (2003–2006) Unlimited models
JK (2007)–present
The Changes to be noticed
Wrangler always believed in bringing a good noticeable change in the body and the frame and thus ensures, that the more the front and rear axles can are rigid. The jeep is designed in such a way that the driver can drive it without the end of the doors. Looking at its popularity, the Jeep also received a good reputation over the years.
The current news on Jeep wrangler states that it will not be using much of the aluminum body panels and air suspension system so that it becomes light in weight. You can also check out the drastic suspension change that has been bought up with regards to coli link that made this car even more popular.
Let us now wait for the new release of this car with less weight. Hope it stands out the best in its expectations like always.