The Jeep.1

You have definitely seen the changes in Jeep over the years.  Through the years, the popularity of the brand has gone up and it has also suffered some of its worst days. It has changed from a basic vehicle that can be used anywhere to the sleek, expensive looking versions that you could ride to glamorous parties. It was a vehicle that used to be enjoyed by people in the west but over the years, Jeep is steadily becoming available and in-demand everywhere.
In 1980, American Motors Corporation ventured into China and they put up Beijing Jeep. That was when they first introduced Jeep to the Chinese market. Like the changes in Jeep in the west, Jeep in Asia also went through a lot of changes, and it’s not just about the way it looks. There have also been management changes and manufacturing changes. Manufacturing was going fine but there were cash problems and operations were put to a stop in 2006. All the Jeep vehicles available in China now are all imported. All the taxes and fees definitely bring up the prices.
Consumers in China are not hesitant about purchasing Jeeps even though the prices are really high. It has become a very popular vehicle brand in China but there are only 120 dealer networks in the country.