A Fatal Accident During Jeep Demonstration in Edmonton, Canada

June 3rd, 2013

Occurrence of a fatal accident during Jeep demonstration in Edmonton, Canada

Mishaps can happen anywhere and at anytime. In many cases it has been also seen that accidents have taken place even if the person has adopted various kinds of safety measures. Most of the accidents that happen these days are on the roads. But if accidents happen during the sports shows or during the rallies it is a very rare thing. Very few incidents happen around the world where audiences have been killed at the time of witnessing a great motor show.

A similar mishap took place in Edmonton which is situated in Canada on Saturday.

The Jeep demonstration event was held to raise funds. The enthusiasts gave the event the name of “Jeeps Go Topless” to add spice.

But the whole glamour of the program was marred when the driver of the Wrangler drove his vehicle on the top of the tire of the jeep in front.

As per the reports the person who owned the Jeep switched his vehicle off and was posing for photographs. After done with the picture session he came down and his movement caused the vehicle to turn over.

The woman who was on top of the vehicle beside it was crushed to death as a consequence.

The police of Edmonton are seeing through the matter and they are trying to find out the exact reasons that were behind this parking place accident.

The whole report has been covered by CTV news. The accident took away the life of a woman who has just crossed her 20th year. The whole incident took place when a Jeep rolled over during a demonstration.

Jeeps are Still the First Preference Among Jeep Lovers

May 28th, 2013

If you are an automobile lover, you can never miss out on those jeeps. It is an owner’s pride and, the viewer’s delight!  The ultimate vehicle that can carry itself around with complete honour and respect! These jeeps have been in demand since real ancient times. Even today, you would find a good amount of demand for these jeeps especially among those who love owning a sturdy and superior vehicle in their garage.
So, what makes a jeep tick? It is sturdy. But, that’s not the only reason it has been living such a long life. The purposes that a jeep fulfils, no other vehicle can possibly do it. Firstly, jeeps are majorly used in military and commercial purposes. The reason being that jeeps can walk any road without making rough sound! You would still feel smooth and nice when inside a jeep and on rough roads.
The jeep’s exterior is being modelled to match up the latest style. Every automobile manufacturer is setting up shop to grace themselves with the latest models of the jeep. The Jeep accessories and other style elements within a jeep ensure the maintenance of the jeep properly.
Jeeps are still preferred highly because of the various accessories like seat covers, arm rests, shift covers, bumpers etc. that fit the style and need of the jeep. While buying out a jeep, proper enquiry is a must. You should never buy a jeep without proper research else you might end up buying the wrong one. Style and accessories is not all. The jeep should be able to carry the load and, should be capable of walking all kinds of road. Ensure a visit to the nearest automobile store to check out the jeeps before you buy. The craze for jeep never dies, it just changes with models.

Refresh your SUV Experience with all New Jeep Cherokee 2014

May 15th, 2013

Owning the new generation SUV

There are many people who love to ram the roads by riding their favorite SUV. The people who love power prefer SUVs.2014 Jeep Cherokee leaks The people who are eager to experience the power of the new generation SUVs don’t have to wait much. The Jeep Cherokee is ready to ram the roads. The version of Jeep Cherokee that is going to be released in 2014 is an up-gradation of the model that came out in the year 2011. The face of the vehicle has been given a new look! It has been also given a all new tail lamp treatment. This particular model has been also accompanied with a diesel engine that is optional. This gives the vehicle a different stand from the other competitors.

What makes this vehicle different from others?

The new model of Jeep Cherokee was launched at the International Auto Show that was held in Detroit, North America this year.
Let’s have a look at some of the features of the vehicle that helped it in attracting the sight of the SUV lovers.

The headlamps of the car have been made slimmer. The owner of the car can also choose the corner lighting as they have been made optional.
The interior of the car has been also upgraded. The steering wheel comprises of three spokes that gives it a new look and feel. The instrument cluster has been also updated greatly.2014 Jeep Cherokee leaks2
The safety features of the car have been also enhanced a lot. It now has an adaptive speed control feature and mechanism that assist the driver in parking.
The engine delivers 240 horsepower and the vehicle is also available in gasoline engine choice.

The Jeep Cherokee has been rated as one of the best selling automobiles of the company in the United States. It has been also able to make a place for itself in the car market of other countries around the world.

Jeep Wrangler – A Perfect Choice for those who Love Adventure

May 9th, 2013

There are many people who love adventure both on road and off road. These people are always looking for vehicles that have the ability to perform well in various terrains. The vehicle that they choose should have a powerful body and a high pickup. In this case the Jeep Wrangler can be the perfect choice.  The vehicle comes in a wide range of styles.  The people can also choose the color of the interior and exterior of the car. The people can have a long list of options with this car.

What makes Jeep Wrangler different from other vehicles?

Many new features have been added into the vehicle to make it powerful. Some of them are listed below.

It runs on the extreme power of the V6 engine that has a capacity of 3.8L. This has been the factor that has provided a great boost to the off road performance of the jeep.
It uses the latest technology so that the driver constantly communicates with the outside world. This greatly reduces the chance of any accident.
The Jeep uses an innovative Uconnect system that allows the driver to specialize to the vehicle according to his need. It allows various options like the connectivity to the web, a system that can be vocally operated, enhanced navigation system and satellite radio.
Every step has been taking to ensure the safety of the people who are riding the vehicle. To improve the side impact resistance a B-pillar has been incorporated into the car. The Jeep parts and components used in the manufacturing, proved to be reliable on and off road for your outstanding driving experience.

The vehicle has won the Very Innovative Product award because it allows the owner a high level of customization. This feature is absent in most of the cars. The best thing is that Jeep Wrangler can be customized inside and out depending on the specifications that has been led out by the customer. It can combine a large number of features to design the ultimate vehicle for the owner.

2014 Jeep Cherokee – the New Male on the Road

May 7th, 2013

The very word “Jeep” actually gives us the thought of that masculine vehicle that has drawn the attention of people all over the world. 2014-jeep-grand-cherokee The rough and tough look of the jeep has always been a matter of thrill and excitement to all. The first model of the Cherokee Jeep consisted of two doors and a flip out part at the back of the vehicle.  But now with the launch of the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee in the year 2011, actually is a good example of luxury jeeps.
The Grand Cherokee made its way to the roads in the 2012 North American International Auto Show which took place in Detroit. The head lamps of this model are sleeker and have the option for corner lighting. The latest three spoke steering wheel, the well arranged center stack and the latest shift box selector are the updates of the vehicle which makes it more unique. 2014-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee2
The new face of the old seventies has actually conquered the minds of people through its external beauty, internal designs and moreover the great performance. You can find the standard model with 3.6 liter with a V-6 engine. The optional feature with 5.7 liter “HEMI” V-8 engine is also available for you. This new model of Cherokee has an 8 speed automatic transmission to conquer you altogether.
One of the catchy features of this jeep model is the third engine choice with a 3.0 liter 6 cylinder diesel. The power of the vehicle is 240 horse power and 420 foot pounds of torque. You will get a 21 mpg in a busy town and over 30 mpg on the highway roads. For more ease in driving, the vehicle is equipped with paddle shifters and an eight speed automatic transmission too. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the 2014 Jeep Cherokee and be the king on the road!

The Origin Of The Jeep Vehicles

April 9th, 2013

The Jeep vehicles are full sized SUVs that were introduced in the mid seventies. Jeep vehicles were then made synonymous to such a particular make of vehicle. The first of the Jeep make of the vehicle was introduced by American Motors Corporation.  The original design of the Jeep vehicle was done by 1963. The Cherokee Jeep make was redesigned as a two door vehicle type. The vehicle has a rear side that is fixed.  There is an optional flip out segment at the rear end in some Jeep vehicles. The Jeep Wagoneer line that was introduced in the sixties was a two door version. Later on the Wagoneer version was made into a four door vehicle. The Jeep Cherokee The Jeep Cherokee is a sporty version of the two door variant. Thus, it gained much popularity among the young crowd. It was a two door variant of the Jeep station wagon model. The term “sports utility” was first coined along with the introduction of the Jeep Cherokee in the market. The base model came along with other models like the trim levels of the Cherokee that included a Sports model as well as Classic, Limited, Sport, Laredo, Pioneer, Golden Hawk, Golden Eagle and other models. Power And Performance The engine choices of the Jeep vehicles consisted of the AMC 16 or the V8 powerplant engines. The particular Jeep model that came fitted with the AMC V8 engine was equipped to outrun any other 4×4 models in its class and had highway gearing along with the ability to reach speeds that allowed the vehicle to run at an excess of 100 miles per hour. Jeep enthusiasts swear by their vehicles and for the vehicle being the sole choice for tricky and off road terrains. Jeep nowadays stands for a rugged vehicle of a sturdiness that is now being identified with all off-road vehicles.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee

March 20th, 2013

The all new 2014 Jeep Cherokee is said to debut in March at the New York International Auto show.  The Jeep Cherokee had been one of the best sellers with an economical yet powerful six cylinder engine, strong off-road features and capabilities and high interior space to foot print ratio. The preproduction photos that were released of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee did raise a few eyebrows as there were references made to a lot of other cars like the Nissan Juke , Pontiac Aztek and many others. The reactions have been mixed, but most of the reviews on the lake have been a tad negative because of the similarities with other car models.
The Off-Road Abilities Of 2014 Jeep Cherokee
The most important aspect that people relate to a Jeep is the off road capabilities of the models and the off road details of the 2014 have not been released by Chrysler as of yet.
The 2014 Jeep Cherokee will house a 3.2L V6 engine and not the usual 3.6L engine as the focus has been on the fuel mileage and better wheel travel.
The cars that will be exported will have a 2.0L four cylinder engine that is used currently.
The transmission on the car is expected to be the ZF nine speed automatic that uses a TorqueFlite styled planetary gear set and is to be built by Chrysler.
The front and rear departure angles are expected to be better than or the same as the Trail Rated Liberty
The NV242 transfer case is likely to be used to deliver power to the rear axle at 90°
AWD, 4WD low, 4WD high may all find its place in the 2014 Jeep Cherokee
More About The 2014 Jeep Cherokee
Some of the features expected in the car are seven inch TFT configurable gauge cluster, UConnect, 8.4 inch radios and headlamps with LED DRLs. Interior space is expected to be good for passengers but on the low side for cargo. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee is expected to start production in spring of 2013 and no specific dates for the launch have yet been disclosed.

The Jeep Patriot wins ‘Cost to Own’ Awards

March 18th, 2013

Jeep, the off road brand of the Chrysler Group was acquired by them in 1987. The history of Jeep started when the Willys-Oveland company built the first Jeep in the year 1941 during the World War. The civilian version of the Jeep was built in 1945 and is considered to be the oldest off roader brand in existence. Jeep has been the inspiration for many manufacturers like the Land Rover, which is the second oldest 4 wheel drive brand. Jeep currently sells the Patriot, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Wrangler Unlimited, Compass and Liberty models. The trademark for the brand name ‘Jeep’ was acquired in 1943, but the generic term ‘jeep’ (lowercase only) has been used by vehicles that are inspired by Jeep and are for rough terrains. Jeep had to go through a tough time in the past few years and was in bankruptcy, but the company managed to emerge out of bankruptcy in June 2009.
Jeep Patriot
The 2013 Jeep Patriot haws that iconic Jeep design and delivers the best 4×4 capability of its class. There has been a change in the powertrain that powers the 2014 Jeep Patriot while the price has remained unchanged. There is also an advanced six speed automatic and this transmission has been specifically designed for fuel efficiency and also to improve performance. The entry level model however will only feature a five speed manual transmission. The overall interior quality has been revamped and the true Jeep interior styling has found its way back into the 2014 model. One of the concerns in the design however is the low roof and reduced glass area which can make the driver feel like he is boxed in.
Kelley Blue Book’s award for Jeep Patriot
Kelley Blue Book has awarded the 2013 Jeep Patriot with the “5 year Cost to Own” award in the compact SUV and Crossover segment.
The ratings are based on the costs that owners will have to buy for the five years after purchase of the vehicle
As per the experts on the KBB website, Jeep’s Patriot is the most value oriented vehicle that offers a taste of a lifestyle that is adventurous.
The Freedom Drive II option that is present in the Patriot is something that offers some off road capabilities if you plan to go an adventure leaving the pavement behind.
The Patriot is the best priced 4×4 currently in the USA and add the fact that it has minimal overall ownership cost is great news for the customers.
Issues with Jeep Patriot
There was a major issue with sunroof on the 2008 Jeep Patriot where water used to leak into the cabin because of the problems with the sunroof. But off late, there have been no significant issue that have been reported with the Jeep Patriot and that is why the sales of Jeep Patriot is on the rise in America. Having been able to override the bankruptcy Jeep is making its mark again in the compact SUV and crossover market in USA.

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Boasts Of A State Of The Art Transmission And Grand Acceleration

March 7th, 2013

The Selec–Terrain Traction Control System

The Selec-Terrain traction control system has also undergone great improvements from the 2013 version. Now, a driver can choose in between –

Automatic operation with the torque being split at 40 / 60 for front / rear,

Sand and mud operation with the torque being split at 50 / 50,

Snow operation with Quadra lift and traction being tuned for snow covered roads and the torque being split at 50 / 50

Rock operation with the suspension systems being raised to its full height and the differentials, throttle and transfer case coordinated to provide control for low speeds and the torque being split at 50 / 50.

This traction control system helps in the coordination of the throttle shifting and control, the stability control, the hill descent control, the transfer case and other similar systems based on prefixed inputs or conditions.

Luxurious Interiors

The interiors of the 2014 Grand Cherokee include grand new colors, natural leather seats and furnishings, a brand new 7 inch thin film transistor liquid crystal display which can be configured based on individual requirements, a 5 inch touchscreen to control audio, phone, climate and other functions such as heated seats, etc. The second row seats also feature a seat back Blu ray video system along with wireless headphones and a remote. The higher versions also include a 825 watt Harman Kardon audio system along with 2 mid range woofers, 5 mid range speakers, 3 subwoofers and 9 tweeters.

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Boasts Of A State Of The Art Transmission And Grand Acceleration

February 28th, 2013


The first Jeep Grand Cherokee was launched back in the year 2011 and received immense acclaim all over the world. This model was later refurbished in the year 2013. However, the one that is expected to top both these releases is the 2014 version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The all new version boasts of a state of the art transmission and grand acceleration along with great mileage and extremely luxurious interiors. The 2014 jeep also includes great improvements to enhance its on road as well as off road performance.

The Engine

The 2014 Grand Cherokee features an 8 speed automatic transmission which comes in 2 forms – the ZF 8HP70 and the Chrysler 845RE. However, the 845 RE is only used on the V6 engines. One can also choose amongst 3 engines. The diesel version provides an output of 240 horsepower and 420 lb – ft of torque. It gives a mileage of 20 / 28 m.p.g. The V6 version provides an output of 290 horsepower and 260 lb – ft of torque along with a mileage of 17 / 25. The V8 engine provides an output of 360 horsepower and 390 lb – ft of torque. It also gives a mileage of 14 / 21 m.p.g. Another major change is that the 8 speed boasts of a wide range of gears which help in both acceleration and economy along with the ability to skip multiple gears at once. This greatly improved transmission is one of the main reasons why the mileage has increased by around 1 – 3 m.p.g in the 2014 versions.