Contenders for the Motor Trend 2012 SUV of the Year

Each passing year, the staff of the famous Motor Trend finds it difficult to get the exact definition of Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV. The Jeep wrangler for the year 2012 used to be the model for a multi surface vehicle particularly in terms of testing vehicles around asphalts and dirt. 
As of today, the body frame of this vehicle and its low range 4 wheel drive system has become one of the technological curiosities. As a matter of fact, this Jeep is the only vehicle on this list that features both high-tech concepts for SUVs.
As for the other nine contenders for the Motor Trend 2012 SUV of the Year Award, you will come to know that all of them come with body variants or powertrains. However, you will be surprised to know that half of the contenders come with engines that have been transversely mounted.
Say for example, the Mini Countryman and the Range rover Evoque come with more than hot hatches that are lifted. Despite the obvious downfall of off-roaders characteristics, this year’s competitors have been able to maintain a very surprising and interesting level of abilities to pave off the road.
Last Year’s Winner 
The Porsche Cayenne has been declared as the winner in the last year’s Motor Trend. This car has represented the pinnacle of the SUV science for the year 2011. It has presented the dynamics of sedans on the road. The judges had put their heads together to vote for this car model because of its variety of style, technology, refinement, and value.
The contender’s for this year’s event are also being judged with the same criteria, which have been used last year. However, contenders need not to compete with Cayenne ever again as it is obvious that Cayenne has already had its share of fame and glory last year.
This year’s competition aims to achieve a goal to meet and come up with the perfect SUV for its much intended purpose. So, this competition does not necessarily translate that a contender, which has not been judged as the winner, is no longer a perfect or the right vehicle for all the consumers out there.
The contenders for this year’s Motor trend 2012 SUV of the Year Award are as follow:
– Saab 9-4x
– Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
– Mini Cooper Countryman
– Mercedes-Benz M-Class
– BMW X3
– Ford Explorer
– Dodge Journey
– Dodge Durango
– Jeep Wrangler