Chances of Jeep Cherokee Getting the SRT Treatment Increases

The SUVs have been favorites of those people who love power. This class of cars has the ability to rage the road. When some rides a SUV he feels like the king of the roads. This is due to the reason that the body of these cars is muscular. They also have a great off road capability.  One of the cars that have been able to win the heart of many adventure loving drivers is the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. But there are many people who consider it as a misfit in the rugged roads.

Have a close look at it:

The claims made by the website are farfetched in nature. But when the pictures of the car are taken into consideration the whole scenario becomes clear. The body of the car is being changed in such a way that it will naturally perform well in the roads.
The car will be also a bit different from its ancestor. The engine of the car is a turbocharged V6.
The use of the manual fans has been eliminated completely. The transmission of the car is expected to be automatic. It will be of the nine-speed type.

If you have a look at it you will have a thought in your mind that it does not fit well into the family of those SUVs that are meant to be driven off the road. But when you get hold of the thick rimmed steering of the car you will find that it is best suited for the deal. It has been also found that the Grand Cherokee SRT has been the only SUV that has been popular among the people for a long time. But recently the all par website has predicted that the new version of this car is going to come out soon. Their prediction is true as the change in Jeep Cherokee has already started.