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The Arrival of Jeep Wrangler Copper Crawler Can Be a Surprising One

Monday, December 16th, 2013

One of the most popular SUV car which is all set for customization called the Jeep Wrangler is quite a lot more in news.
It was also named as the hottest 4×4-SUV at SEMA shows. To improve the car demand and keep it more into public notice it seems that the Mopar and jeep are teaming up to offer more new technologies and pieces to make JK wrangler a compatible one.
The news:
It seems that as compared to other wrangles, at SEMA, Copper Crawler- jeep Wrangler has been ranked surprising.  It has given the owners a new look, with so many styles and designs, it seems that the car has now come up with a new look. It all started with the eye catching color of copper paint and black deadlock wheels and taillight guards which made it more unique news has also popped up that the jeep has also upgraded the transfer case at a low speed for better safety and extra precautions.
About jeep Wrangler

This is one of the bets compact cars that have arrived in the market. This SUV car is manufactured by American automaker Chrysler and gained more popularity in third generation. It was also alert modified by the Kaiser-Jeep. As the new technologies, parts and accessories were introduced, this car gained more popular. Now looking at further modifications that are being made, it seems that this two door copper crawler is all ready to keep you guys amazed.
Features that would amaze you
Lightweight 17-inch wheels
Lightweight beadlock-capable wheels
Tuscany Katzkin leather seats
Black two-door hardtop
Mopar cold-air intake
Black tail lamp guard

With so many best features certainly this car is the eye catching one at the SEMA show. Let us hope that it would always exceed the expectations and make the best use of all the latest technologies.

Jeep Wrangler of 2016 Will Kick off Solid Axels

Monday, November 11th, 2013

All Jeep lovers, here is the good news for you all, the new Jeep Wrangler is back in action with more advanced features and great use of components and technologies for efficient driving. This new series has been proved out to be the best in demand with much better styling and all new designs and weight reduction facility. However, to reduce its weight, the company took the decision to not to go for the solid axle.
About the Jeep wrangler
It is one of the popular models which has been designed with more additional features and is re-launched every time. So far, the car could manage to offer the best of its services and is considered as the third generation of its kind. The car was launched in the World War II Willys MB and managed to keep up the reputation till now
Popular Jeep Wrangler Models
YJ (1986–1995)
LJ’s (2003–2006) Unlimited models
JK (2007)–present
The Changes to be noticed
Wrangler always believed in bringing a good noticeable change in the body and the frame and thus ensures, that the more the front and rear axles can are rigid. The jeep is designed in such a way that the driver can drive it without the end of the doors. Looking at its popularity, the Jeep also received a good reputation over the years.
The current news on Jeep wrangler states that it will not be using much of the aluminum body panels and air suspension system so that it becomes light in weight. You can also check out the drastic suspension change that has been bought up with regards to coli link that made this car even more popular.
Let us now wait for the new release of this car with less weight. Hope it stands out the best in its expectations like always.

Fiat 500L – The Small Jeep Ready to Roll on the Roads

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

The coming years are filled with speculations and expectations from the car enthusiasts. There are many old players and new entrants waiting to rock the automobile market with their new models as well as the upgraded versions. The auto industry is speculating a good growth with the market expanding day by day and demands varying from time to time. Under all these circumstances, Fiat has come up with its 5 door mini MPV model named Fiat 500L. This can be also termed as a baby jeep all set to take the roads on a stroll.
The car lovers can wait for this wonder mini MPV to be unleashed for further comments, but till then the below given features will definitely offer a brief idea about the vehicle.
What is in store for the Fiat fans?
Fiat 500L have four different models named Pop, Easy, Trekking and Lounge. The Fiat 500L Pop is the base model while Fiat 500L Lounge is the fully loaded model. The 6 speed automatic transmission is available in the top model while the base model has the manual transmission. The fuel efficient car offers mileage up to 33 mpg on highway. The 1.4 L 16V multi Air turbo engine offers sufficient power to this MPV even on steep terrains.
The styling that would make you go crazy
Fiat 500L is all about offering more space, more style, more doors and more fun. Fiat is also expecting more response for their latest venture as it is designed to stand along the futuristic automobile designs. The contemporary Italian design along with customizable sun roof is another major point that will attract the consumers all over the world.
Keeping it straight, Fiat 500L has much in store for its customers backed by the proven Fiat performance.

Go for the Jeep Wrangler Polar to Get a Tasty Frozen Treat

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

The Jeep Wrangler has been the heart throb of many people since a long time. The jeep lovers have seen many kitted examples in these years.Polar-jeep But the Jeep Wrangler has been able to hold its position since a long time. The company has done its best to come up with new models every now and then. The enhanced version of this car has come in the market very recently. This new jeep has been able to stand in front of the other cars of the same genre that are available in the market these days.

Some exclusive features of the car are:

The car is going to be brought in front of the public for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
The car is being launched in the European market to celebrate winter. It has been also given the name Jeep Wrangler Polar. The designing team has built in a way so that the drivers don’t face any difficulty while driving it in winter.
Great care has been also given at the time of deciding the body color of the car.

The wheels of the car are a bit extra large. The diameter is 18 inches. The colors of the wheel have been kept black so that they match well with the blue color of the car.
The company is planning to make the car available in both the unlimited and standard formats. The engine is either 3.6 liters or 2.8 liters.

There are many properties in the jeep that it has inherited from its bold ancestors. Some of the traits of the car have been able mesmerize almost all the car enthusiasts. It has great step rails, bumpers, lighting and mirrors. Already some of the pictures of the car have been released from the factory. The only that can be said about the car is that it is perfect.

Chrysler Retires an Old V6 Engine & the New Is Pentastar

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

The Chrysler Group has recently announced the introduction of the new Pentastar in the Chinese market. The car replaces the brand’s last V6 which at the Chengdu Auto Show in China. This new Pentastar was chosen from more than eight hundred suggestions that a team from a design firm of Lippincott & Margulies Inc came up with the company. The team wanted to design something that people could look and say this wasn’t done freehand.2011-jeep-grand-cherokee-36-liter-v-6-pentastar-engine

What Is New?

Chrysler’s new V6 engine is being shown to the world at the New York Auto show which is now wrapped in design and style. It is based on some compact sixty degree architecture. It is 3.6 liters and comes equipped with 230 horsepower. Some machine huh!! It will be given a tough competition to its peers. The Penstar program is said to be a milestone in the Chrysler Group. It not only proves positive to the technical proficiency, but it is an evidence of deep rooted commitment to the excellence in power train creation.

What’s more?

The Penstar engines were initially developed by the Chrysler engineers that are now replacing the V6 power plants used by Jeep, RAM, Dodge and Chrysler. It is now solely Chrysler’s V6. The Penstar enable the majority of the V6 engine components to be cut down from 189 to 32. Completely dressed, the 3.6 liter V6 Penstar is now 95 pounds lighter than before.

To further enhance your driving experience, it is particularly designed featuring forged steel connecting rods, piston squitter jets, and valve train components that need no scheduled maintenance. This new family of engines is honed with an architecture that is conceived out of future technology, integration and growth in mind. This new engine will certainly be a super fuel saver to the car owner.

Jeep Grand Cherokee – A Class Luxury On Wheels

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

At a first a glance, you witness a well-designed on road refinement Jeep Grand Cherokee to be completely competitive over the other mid-sized SUV’s and crossovers. It is some car that has arrived with all the appealing elements.

Athletic Look
It has got the tough looks. With athletic and aggressively styled the Jeep Grand Cherokee is all style statements both in the night and day. Different from the competitive peers, it has got a sleek, sexy look. Enhanced was the word when the team began designing the chassis work. It has got adaptive bi-xenon headlamps with LED treatment that not only lets you have a clear driving viewing at night, but also improves the rear visibility. The vehicle comes with an expanded color options with 7 distinct colors that widens the buyer’s option.

New Math
An awe inspiring four hundred and seventy horse power plus speeds equals to the great driving fun. This car delivers improved acceleration with faster shifting speed is something to watch out for.

Sophisticated Interior
From the first glance inside, you will enjoy the supreme quality and the finest craftsmanship of the materials used inside.  The real wood inlay and supple rich leather trimmed with the perfection.

Outstanding Handling Capability
You might never ever come across the best vehicle other than this one. It lets you have 5 dynamic settings from the track mode to sport mode for more on road rewarding experience. No matter what kind of climate plays havoc, the vehicle assures you safe drive to the home.

Bigger Is Better
We are not discussing the size here, but how you control the power that you own. It features with 6 air cooled piston that helps bring this big beast from 65 mph to 0 in just few seconds. Impressive in built, specifically designed all seasoned tires that add grip to the pavement when you apply the anti lock system.

Jeep Grand Cherokee has been tagged as a “Premium on road manners” vehicle because of the strong uni-frame construction with an ultra-high strength steel, premium insulation materials along with rear and front independent suspensions comes together to deliver you a controlled luxurious ride.

Read This To Know Whether NHTSA is out of Control or Not

Monday, August 5th, 2013

The announcements are being made almost every day. This might become more frequent than this. The car market is expecting numbers like million Toyotas, more than million Jeeps and some fraction million of Hondas. In the previous year a downward trend in the automobile market was experienced. But this year it is too early to state such a negative automotive recall. The experts say that there will be some kind of winds down this year. The primary indications that have been seen this year reveals that there will be a good amount of increase in the selling of the cars. It will really reach a new height if not break the record of all times.

Some statements given by the automakers

It has been very significant from the statements of the automakers that same number of vehicles has been sold last year. This number is close to 14.5 million.
The two popular brands Honda and Toyota have sold a good number of cars last year to top the list of the car sellers. These two companies are known for their reliability and quality.
The list has been prepared keeping the number of cars that these two companies have recalled during the last five years.
They are planning to reach the similar target again this year. The Honda authorities have planned to recall about 2 million vehicles in the current year.
The problems have been detected in the switch fires, airbags or brakes.
Even Chrysler arranged safety camps last month to ensure that their vehicles in the market are safe and running fine.
It has been seen that over 8 million cars have been covered by five different recalls.
The people have also asked some serious questions regarding the usefulness of such recalls.

Chances of Jeep Cherokee Getting the SRT Treatment Increases

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

The SUVs have been favorites of those people who love power. This class of cars has the ability to rage the road. When some rides a SUV he feels like the king of the roads. This is due to the reason that the body of these cars is muscular. They also have a great off road capability.  One of the cars that have been able to win the heart of many adventure loving drivers is the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. But there are many people who consider it as a misfit in the rugged roads.

Have a close look at it:

The claims made by the website are farfetched in nature. But when the pictures of the car are taken into consideration the whole scenario becomes clear. The body of the car is being changed in such a way that it will naturally perform well in the roads.
The car will be also a bit different from its ancestor. The engine of the car is a turbocharged V6.
The use of the manual fans has been eliminated completely. The transmission of the car is expected to be automatic. It will be of the nine-speed type.

If you have a look at it you will have a thought in your mind that it does not fit well into the family of those SUVs that are meant to be driven off the road. But when you get hold of the thick rimmed steering of the car you will find that it is best suited for the deal. It has been also found that the Grand Cherokee SRT has been the only SUV that has been popular among the people for a long time. But recently the all par website has predicted that the new version of this car is going to come out soon. Their prediction is true as the change in Jeep Cherokee has already started.

Watercar Panther: Amphibious Vehicle, Jeep or Boat?

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

In this fast-growing generation, recreational of amphibious vehicles are nothing new. Most of them are tend to be the boats or cars which can creep on the land or slowly spill through water. WaterCar’s new Panther is the one which may be on both sides of the division. Fill your fast driving speed on land as well as lake with new & fastest amphibious ride going car named WaterCar Panther. It is a kind of completely newish entry to the entire segment that presently came to our attention through deliberately crazy promo video.

It’s Design and Interiors

Watercar has designed lightweight chassis made of chromoly steel which intelligently solve weight problem of Panther.

Its chassis was specifically designed to slip in fibreglass hull that provides complete protection to modern epoxies which decrease noise during hard handling.

The hull and chassis comes with advanced composites that provide total toughness as well as strength.

It provides complete capability of more than 80 mph on the street and energetic 44 miles per hour over the water (38 knots).

This transition from car to boat mode will hardly take about 15 seconds.

The V-6, all-aluminium power plant is fully equipped with single overhead camshaft cylinder heads and 24 valves. These intake as well as exhaust valves are easily controlled by Acura’s Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system.

How does it look alike?

This Watercar Panther similarly looks like nifty piece of water sports kit. It is completely equipped with long travel off-road suspension which easily enables you to access less user-friendly lakes. You just need to simply take a jeep CJ-8, keep 3.7-liter V6 engine sourced from Honda for 305 hp and add retracting wheels, fibreglass hull & a jet boat drive to get perfect new Panther from WaterCar. This suspension simply allows you to drive in & out of water even without requiring slipway. Its powerful & significant engine provides total power to the wheels and also offers Panther Jet for in-water propulsion.

Simply purchase WaterCar Panther in order to complete all your needs for driving anywhere.

Jeep Wrangler – A Perfect Choice for Those who Love Adventure

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Are you looking for a vehicle that can provide you great amount of thrill? Yes there are cars that can offer you adventure both off the road and on the road.
These cars have the ability to perform well in a wide variety of terrains. When you are willing to get some adventure with your car you must choose a model that has a good pickup and a powerful body. Among the various cars available in the market the Jeep Wrangler can is the best choice.

Some unique features of Jeep Wrangler

V6 engine with 3.8L capacity has been included in the vehicle to provide extreme power. Thus it has been seen that the off road performance of the vehicle has been greatly enhanced.
Latest electronic gadgets have been fitted in the vehicle so that the driver is able to maintain constant communication with the world outside. This will decrease the chances of accidents.
The innovative Uconnect system has been also included in the car. With the help of this the driver can enjoy driving essence according to his preferences.

The best thing about the car is that the customer doesn’t have to stick to a single style. You can choose the color that suits your personality the most. You thus get a long list of options at the time of buying this car. There are various features that make the Jeep Wrangler different from the other vehicles of the same type available in the market. Let’s have a look at some of the most exciting ones. Various other security features have been also included in the jeep to make riding more enjoyable.